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About Us

 The Golden Duck Company (TGD) was born out of a passion for Singapore’s signature flavours. Confident in their dynamic quality, a journey began to take gourmet snacks one step further in the Asian heritage flavour space.

Today, TGD is fast establishing a stronghold in the snack world as a reputed purveyor of gourmet Asian snacks.

Always pushing flavour boundaries, our range of unique Asian snacks are the result of the delicate balance between respecting century-old flavours and enhancing them with contemporary recipes.

Proudly based in Singapore, we love snacks. And when it comes to our own, we get too serious for our own good. Expect only top-quality ingredients – we don’t throw the word ‘gourmet’ around loosely. You’ll see what we mean once you tear open a delicious pack of TGD.

Dig in and see what all the fuss is about.